SARE-SISW AC Ext Rot Motor

Centrifugal fans, single inlet, equipped with forward curved blades, direct driven with external rotor motor

  • Fans manufactured with galvanized steel, special painting or stainless steel execution possible
  • Housing with galvanized steel, assembled with cold welding TOX production tools
  • Forward curved impellers, tablock execution or unique long blade type, selected in accordance to the best compromise between duty and max efficiency, as requested by European directives
  • External rotor electric motors, closed IP44/55 or open IP20  with thermal protector ( TOP ) always included
  • Max airflow 5000 m3/h
  • Max static pressure 1000 Pa
Fan type Fan code ErP 2015 Ready for Reg 1253
2018 limits
Motor power [Wout] Pole Speed Motor IP Power supply
SARE 200/100 XPL 2111001 1F 4P 1V + FL 1131000 ok ok 70 4 1 44 230/1/50

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